Artists that inspire him: Mikkey Dee and ofcourse, Himself!

Favorite Movie: Machine Gun Preacher.

Favorite Fastfood: 2 hotdogs at IKEA for 8 kronor. It doesnít get quicker than that!

Here's what the rest of the band has to say about Peter:

Kim: Peter is the backbone of the band. Without his drumming, My Dear Addiction would not be the same. He always keeps us steady and right on time when we perform live! He is also my best friend, whom I started this band with together over 10 years ago. We have made a real journey Peter! He is a guy who I can always count on through thick and thin, to a 100%. It's probably lucky that he has us in the band. Otherwise he would forget half of his drum kit, his keys, phone EVERY time we go on a gig! He'd probably forget his own ass, if it wasn't attached to his body.

Julle: Peter is the guy that always knows what he wants. He is very exact with everything that he and the rest of the band does. Our own little dad.

Christoffer: Everyone knows Peter is an excellent drummer, but there is so much more to him. He is a humble and caring musician, with an absolutely great personality. He is a continuing source of inspiration to not only me, but undoubtedly everyone else around him.

Photographer: Marcus Månsson

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