Equipment: My Voice 

Musical inspiration: I find inspiration in most genres. As long as it speaks to me. What we want and wish for with MDA, is to create music that inspires others.

Favorite Movie: There's alot of good ones. It depends on the mood. the Warrior, the Crow is a good one.

Favorite Fastfood: Fastfood is good, but I prefer proper food, otherwise Thai food is good!

Here's what the rest of the band has to say about Kim:

Peter: He's a guy whom I have alot of respect for. He's also an awesome songwriter and musician, but first and formost he is my best friend. One thing's for sure: The amount of fun that Kim and I have had in Blind/My Dear Addiction, is something that only we know!

Julle: Kim is a really fun guy. He'll make you laugh, cause he's a bit stupid. He's a really awesome singer!

Christoffer: Kim is a hell of a good songwriter and vocalist. Beyond that, he's a fun guy to be around and a driving force in the band.

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