Johannes Olsson (Julle) - Bassist.

Equipment includes: A Gibson Thunderbird, an Epiphone Thunderbird. An EBS 450 classic, 8x10 cabinet + EBS multidrive pedal.

Musical inspirations: Geezer Butler, Steve Harris. Heaven shall burn, W.A.S.P, Iron Maiden, Parkway drive, Unearth.

Favorite Movie: Fäbojäntan
Favorite Fastfood: Kebab, Thai Food.
Favorite Drink: Beer.

Here's what the rest of the band has to say about Julle:

Kim: Julle is a fresh breath of air. Always on a good mood and constantly sharing his energy. He always puts on a show and delivers 100% live!

Peter: Julle is a really fun guy to play with, and not to mention an Awesome bassist! He has one hell of a drive and is a real energy source. Is he kind? Damn right he is! He's even got some extra weight ( he does love pizza ). A gooood guy!

Christoffer: Julle is a genuinely supercool dude! A true spreader of joy! He is famed for his outstanding energy and quality on stage.. and Rightfully so!

You can contact Julle through: